Tricab (Singapore) Pte Ltd


TriCab是世界上最佳柔软电缆制造商。TriCab是一家拥有40年历史的澳大利亚电缆制造商,我们提供全系列的柔软电缆,旨在简化各种应用的安装。 我们通过位于墨尔本港,美国和泰国的制造工厂为商业和工业客户提供服务。 我们还在澳大利亚,新西兰,亚洲和美国设有20个销售/分销办事处。 我们的产品在质量,安全和价值方面享誉全球。 我们不断发展和改进我们的流程和技术,同时了解简化在商业交易中的重要性。

TriCab is the world’s most flexible cable manufacturer, not only in terms of product, but also in terms of working with customers to develop custom engineered solutions for their needs. TriCab is a 40-year Australian cable manufacturer and we provide a comprehensive range of flexible cables that are designed to simplify installation across a wide range of applications. In broad terms, we service commercial and industrial customers from our factories in Port Melbourne, USA and Thailand. We also have 20 Sales/Distribution offices throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the USA. Our products are highly regarded throughout the world in terms of quality, safety and value. We have constantly evolved and improved our processes and technologies to serve our customers better!


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